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Dimensions of Wellness: Medical Wellness

Medical WellnessMedical Wellness, as defined by the Medical Wellness Association, is the practice of health and medical care relating to wellness outcomes.  The more specific definition of medical wellness is: an approach to delivering health care that considers multiple influences on a person’s health and consequently multiple modalities for treating and preventing disease as well as promoting optimal well-being.

Medical wellness is an approach for delivering health care that considers the multiple influences on a person’s health. Accordingly, there are multiple options for treating and preventing disease.

Further, medical wellness:

  • Provides a balanced, appropriate application of wellness practices within the clinical setting that are based on evidence-based practices.
  • Promotes a cross-disciplinary approach to patient care, based on informed consent and decision support between the practitioner and patient.
  • Establishes a foundation for dialogue and collaboration between conventional and complementary practices with the primary goal of promoting optimal health and well-being.
  • Promotes the development and application of professional standards for wellness practices across clinical practices