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Wellness Definition: Why?

Wellness Definition - Why?Now that we have a wellness definition, let’s step back and ask ourselves, “why is it important to have a wellness definition?“ Here are five reasons that a wellness definition is important:

  1. Wellness is a widely used term by health and fitness professionals and the general public,
  2. Wellness is defined in many different ways by many different people,
  3. The lack of a common definition of wellness is confusing to consumers and professionals,
  4. The lack of a clear definition of wellness makes it all but impossible to develop a sound body of scientific knowledge related to wellness, and
  5. The lack of a sound body of knowledge can result in quackery and misinformation concerning wellness.

Additionally, wellness is often confused with physical fitness, which is a widely disagreed-upon term that depends on which set of standards you choose to employ. While physical fitness may constitute one of the many dimensions of wellness, it’s important to note that physical fitness does not necessarily constitute an overall state of wellness.